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Virtual Innovation Cluster

Digital Canada provides a forum for accelerating innovation and commercialization. Future scenarios are explored in detail through examining key technology trends and defining how they will address revenue-generating industry use cases.

Digital Solutions Accelerator

Programs provide a catalyst for accelerated digital service innovation, implemented via our private solution collaboration platform.


The evolution of the Internet to a fully immersive virtual reality environment.

Blockchain and Crypto

Tokenizing the traditional economy to form the foundations of the digital economy.


Harnessing artificial intelligence to power the Machine Economy.

Quantum Computing

The race is on to build a universal quantum computer that can solve a wide array of problems.

Digital Nation


Harley Finkelstein sat down with Greylock to offer advice to entrepreneurs navigating the current market conditions and lay out his vision for the future.
Video interview with Eric Gales, Country Manager for AWS Canada, on Upskilling Canadian Workers for the Era of Digital Transformation.
Angela Mondou interviews Kevin Peesker to explore how Canada can address it’s declining innovation standing and prosper after Covid-19.

Solution Guides

Solution Guides draw together market insights, best practices and vendor capabilities from across the knowledge base and direct them towards specific industry and use case scenarios.

Best practices for securely harnessing the Cloud to drive digital transformation, with a focus on local Canadian practices and solutions.
A comprehensive guide to Canadian Digital Government, and the role it plays in building a world leading Canadian digital nation.

Vendor Directory

Newton is crypto as it should be: buy and sell on any device with access to some of the best prices for cryptocurrency in Canada.
Day Shift Digital is a specialized team of Shopify & WordPress experts.

Quantum Mob is a Toronto-based end-to-end digital innovation firm with a passion for building beautiful products.

Bitvo offers secure cryptocurrency exchanges in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Executive Insights

Market defining insights from the industry’s thought leaders and visionaries.

Digital economy luminary Don Tapscott introduces ‘The Trivergence‘, transformation driven by blockchain, Ai and the IoT.
Exploring how Canada can build a world leading digital nation on the Blockchain, and how the transformation of the payments industry is central to this.
Tech giants like Stripe, Square and Shopify are pioneering the future of finance: ‘Embedded Banking’.
Cloud Native Computing

Accelerating digital innovation through DevOps practices and microservices architecture.

5G Business Models

Exploring consumer and business use case scenarios for 5G networks.

Enterprise Transformation

Transforming legacy business systems for the Cloud and Ecosystem era.

Digital Ecosystems

Building customer partner networks interconnected via open apis and application marketplaces.

E-Commerce Apps

Helping small businesses grow through using tools like Shopify, Hubspot and Stripe.


How to integrate digital assets into your customer reward and engage strategy.

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