Action Plan

Building a World-Leading Canadian Digital Nation

“To become one of the most innovative countries in the world, Canada must build a culture of innovation, where Canadians can embrace change and have the right skill sets and tools to leverage emerging opportunities to compete in the global economy.”

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

Action Agenda

The purpose of Digital Canada is to provide a community and publishing platform to capture the best ideas, case studies and innovation programs that form the ecosystem working towards this goal..

Best Practices Community – Our site provides a virtual collaboration platform for enabling this nationwide collective action. Members can submit blogs, participate in forum discussions and contribute to project groups all intended to explore and advance this ambition.

Digital Leadership We’ll highlight the individual thought leaders, such as Don Tapscott’s exemplary work to develop Canada as a global leader in the Blockchain field, as well as the businesses blazing a trail in AI. Our Digital CIOs series showcases the CIOs and innovators leading Canada’s digital transformation, like Scotiabank.

Showcasing Regional Pioneers – A key activity will be to showcase the many pioneers of digital innovation across Canada, via an industry, technology and regional focus, such as highlighting innovators in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Industry Policy – Where Canada is lagging the world, such as their slowness to adopt Open Banking policies, we’ll help elevate these topics to encourage greater urgency for action.

Innovation Accelerators

Innovation Accelerator programs identify the key technology capabilities essential to achieving global leadership, and organize industry collaborations to action and advance those developments.

Accelerators produce Industry Innovation Roadmaps, a shared asset that enables the co-creation of new digital products and services that address Scotland’s local needs and also which have global sales potential.

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