Digital Nation Action Plan is a community with a mission

Our overall objective is to ask and answer the question ‘How can Canada become the world’s leading digital nation?’

Our site provides a virtual collaboration platform for enabling this nationwide collective action. Members can submit blogs, participate in forum discussions and contribute to project groups all intended to explore and advance this ambition, across a number of key categories:

Digital Economy Blueprint

The headline objective is the definition of a blueprint for a 21st century Digital Economy.

From Digital Identity through the Blockchain, the synthesis and national roll out of key technologies will provide a platform for an entirely integrated, digital society.

This will include reviews of how others have achieved this status, such as this Fujitsu article exploring the path that led Estonia to their summit.

Showcasing Canada’s Digital Pioneers

A key activity will be to showcase the many pioneers of digital innovation across Canada, via an industry, technology and regional focus, such as highlighting innovators in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Where Canada is lagging the world, such as their slowness to adopt Open Banking policies, we’ll help elevate these topics to encourage greater urgency for action.

Leading Canada’s Blockchain Revolution

We’ll also highlight the individual thought leaders, such as Don Tapscott’s exemplary work to develop Canada as a global leader in the Blockchain field, as well as the businesses blazing a trail in AI.

Open Sourcing Best practices

These ongoing case studies will form a knowledge base of best practices that provide a comprehensive guide to Digital Transformation.

Detailed guides will be developed to support the major work streams, such as documenting Canadian Digital Government best practices.

Our Library provides a knowledge base of these best practices.