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Naturally for Canada to become the world’s leading digital nation, they need to lead, most notably to pioneer the cutting edge of the technology innovations that will shape the world.

In that regard the country is extremely well positioned – One of the most impactful trends is Blockchain and Digital Identity, a field where Canada is considerably more advanced than any other nation.

ACE : Self-Sovereign Identity Ecosystem

In particular western Canada is emerging as a hot spot for Identity innovations.

As highlighted in a previous blog British Columbia is pioneering the use of Blockchain and ‘Self-Sovereign Identity’ as an architecture for enabling better integrated Digital Government services.

Similarly in Alberta the state owned bank ATB Financial is building ‘ACE’, the Alberta Credential Ecosystem, a local collaboration of organizations beginning to adopt SSI and achieve integrated services through sharing SSI credentials.

It is early days for this initiative, and we’re soon likely to see potent use cases developed that demonstrate just how massively transformational this capability will be – And of course perhaps see it evolve to become a Canadian Credential Ecosystem.

For a great example of a potential use case we can still stay within the Canadian public sector, emphasizing the massive foundation being put in place to achieve global leadership. As this tweet highlights CIO Alex Benay is leading the groundbreaking idea of utilizing Blockcerts for academic certifications.

Canada’s Opportunity

There is already considerable momentum in Canada to further accelerate these efforts. Digital Economy luminary Don Tapscott has launched the Blockchain Research Institute, charged with a goal of establishing Canada as a world leader in this field.

Given the innovations described in this article it’s clear that this is an achievement easily within Canada’s reach.

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