Cloud Adoption Strategy

The Canadian Government publish their Cloud adoption strategy and best practices here, providing guidance on key topics such as Data Residency Requirements. Data Sovereignty, Security and Risk Management.

The Cloud Adoption Strategy proposes increasing levels of benefit in line with the scope of outsourcing.

What should be outsourced is regulated through the classification of data security, defining levels, Protected A, B and C, and from that enabling associated services – Early adopters include Shared Services Canada.

Government of Canada Right Cloud Selection Guidance

Given the diversity of the IT landscape, a one-cloud-fits-all solution will not serve all needs. The GC Right Cloud strategy enables CIOs to adopt the deployment model that best suits their business needs.

The GC Cloud Adoption Strategy puts forward a series of adoption principles for CIOs to consider when choosing and using services with the confidence that they will be maximizing the benefits of cloud, when cloud is appropriate, while ensuring the protection and privacy of Canadian’s data. The onus is on the department to demonstrate which deployment model is right for their business context.

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