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Democratic Government – There’s An App for That

Digital Canada May 24, 2020
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In his inspiring TEDx talk @scottbrison described how the Canadian government needs to apply the capabilities of the digital native leaders, like Netflix and Amazon, to the principles of Digital Government. Click to Tweet

“We can’t be a Blockbuster government serving a Netflix citizenry.”

How can we create that digital startup mindset in government is the key question he believes will ignite that same transformation, citing the example of the huge failure of Obamacare prompting President Obama created a digital startup in the heart of USA Government IT to tap the Silicon Valley effect for their Digital Government systems.

The principle change is in how government IT is built – Moving from slow, waterfall methods to an agile, work-in-the-open approach, where releases are delivered quickly and iteratively to users to ensure the goal of user-friendly systems is being met in real-time.