Building the Canadian Digital Identity Metasystem

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Canada - A Nation of Digital Identity

Alex Benay describes how a national Digital Identity program is a keystone foundation for a Canadian digital economy blueprint, enabling Canada’s trusted digital identity vision.

In their blog ‘Why Canada Needs a Digital ID Framework‘ DIACC describes a compelling argument for accelerating the development and adoption of a Canadian digital identity system, enabling the country to become a ‘nation of digital identity‘.

As Neil Parmenter from the Canadian Bankers Association explains it would provide a universal framework, an ecosystem, for accelerating digital capabilities across all industries such as Digital Banking.

Solution Accelerator

Self-Sovereign Identity for Canadian Digital Government

Our program provides an ongoing set of blueprints for Self Sovereign Identity-enabled Digital Government services architecture.

What is Self-Sovereign Identity?

Solving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control — a self-sovereign identity.

When combined with verifiable claims, it enables any person, organization, or thing to interact directly with any other person, organization or thing, with trust and privacy.

Digital Leadership

Exemplar Case Studies

The guide shares case studies leading adopters pioneering the deployment of Self-Sovereign Identity for transformational Digital Government use cases, including the Alberta Credential Ecosystem and British Columbia’s OrgBook project.

Ecosystem of Credentials: ATB, Telus & Customers - Mike Brown, ATB Financial - youtube
Standards and Best Practices


The program is supported by an e-learning knowledge base, documenting key standards and best practices such as the PCTF – Pan Canadian Trust Framework.

Planning and Managing

Digital Ecosystem Model Report

The ebook is accompanied by a subscription report that details a Platform Ecosystem Model for planning and implementing the Identity Metasystem.

Government as a Platform

Utilizing the Transform Accelerator, an application for visualizing Digital Ecosystems and planning API relationship models, the report provides a blueprint for implementing Canadian ‘Government as a Platform’ (GaaP).

The Canadian Government is pioneering the CDXP – Canadian Digital Exchange Platform, to implement a GaaP approach where every service should be accessible and consumable via an API, with the CDXP providing the enabling mechanisms of API interfaces, messaging and bulk data transfers.

This will enable a myriad of use case scenarios from automatic requests for passport renewals via travel booking systems through birth notification automatically launching benefits for the family at the municipal, provincial/territorial, and federal levels.

The Accelerator models each of these interactions, documenting and visualizing the stakeholder relationships and data flows, identifying key points of integration among partners, systems and infrastructure.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Anchors and Rails of a Digital Nation – Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

SSI will provide the foundation infrastructure for Canada's digital economy.

ACE - Alberta Credential Ecosystem

Alberta has formed a local ecosystem of collaborating organizations sharing SSI credentials for improving their shared workflows.

British Columbia OrgBook

BC has developed a digital marketplace matching organizations applying for permits to those who issue them, verifying the integrity of that process through SSI methods.

Accelerator Program

Join the Solution Network

Digital Canada operates a Business Ecosystem to accelerate the development and adoption of Canadian Digital Identity.

  • Identity Vendors - Define the enabling role of your solution as a foundation for the Identity ecosystem.
  • Application Developers - Innovation support to build new Identity-enabled Digital Government services.
  • Government Agencies - Access the Ecosystem Report to accelerate Digital Transformation based on best practice template models.
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