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Builds industrial robots and provides automation process design and project management

J&M Group

Specializing in technology consulting, strategic advisory and cloud integration


HostedBizz is a 100% Canadian-based and 100% Canadian-hosted integrated technology solutions provider for small and medium sized businesses.


Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create high-definition vector maps for business and government

Prodigy Ventures

Facilitates innovation and invests in early-stage business ventures


Coveo provides Artificial Intelligence-powered search and recommendation engines. It helps organizations deliver personalized experiences through contextually relevant information at every interaction in their customer relations management, customer service applications, intranets, and websites.

Elastic Path

Elastic Path provides omnichannel commerce software to help businesses increase revenue from their products, services, and content.


TrackTik is an operation software dedicated to the security industry, helping them achieve better business performance and mitigate risk.

Tulip Retail

Tulip Retail provides a suite of digital tools built exclusively for in-store retail.


Top Hat provides a student engagement and interactive teaching platform. Helping college professors activate classrooms, Top Hat transforms traditional, passive university lectures by making students use their personal devices during class through quizzes, polls, and simulations.

Kira Systems

Kira Systems is a machine learning software system specialized in contract review and analysis.


Auvik offers cloud-based software to automate and facilitate network monitoring and management for IT managed service providers.


AlayaCare provides a software platform and hardware ecosystem for home care agencies to deliver telehealth and visiting health solutions.


Sensibill provides an intuitive platform to manage digital receipts via mobile banking apps. Sensibill allows large banks and financial institutions to reach the largely untapped market of freelancers, together with the digital-savvy entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is a company that uses artificial intelligence to build genetic medicines, focusing on the pre-clinical development of oligonucleotide therapies. Its platform is specialized in finding drug candidates to cure certain genetic diseases by predicting molecular phenotypes alterations.


Dialogue is a telemedicine platform enhancing and complementing the Canadian healthcare system. It provides additional communication channels for patients to connect directly with healthcare professionals from a broad range of specialties.

Element AI

Element AI is an Artificial Intelligence company helping organizations become stronger, safer and more agile by developing AI-powered suites of software.

Instant Financial

Instant Financial provides an instant pay platform to businesses and their employees, reducing problems of pay frequency. It allows employees to receive a portion of their earned income after every shift and eases the financial constraints on their lives.


Eventbase delivers mobile apps for enterprise events, conferences and meetings. Recognized for its innovative approach with technologies including chatbots, recommendation engines, and proximity beacons, Eventbase has received multiple awards and become a leader in the field.


ThinkOn is Canada’s only wholesale provider of storage, compute and networking resources, providing you with the best of services. As a proud Gold-certified VMware Service Provider, we specialize in providing simple, easy to understand and cost effective infrastructure solutions.

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