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One of the largest IT services companies in Quebec, supports companies and organizations in the public sector.


Provides open-source software development, IT services and consulting

Miovision Technologies

Miovision Technologies develops transportation network technologies to minimize the environmental impact and inefficiencies of transport.


Airy3D is specialized in 3D rendering through its depth-sensing platform. It provides a suite of passive light-field recovery technologies that can be implemented through any kind of visual sensor ensuring quality 3D rendering without sacrificing battery life or image quality.

Finn AI

Finn AI provides an AI-powered virtual assistant for personal banking and finance. Thanks to its team of data scientists, engineers, and financial experts, Finn AI helps banks and credit providers to transform their customers’ experiences, facilitating money management through a digital experience.


Interactive SalesRight Quotes engage and empower prospects to close deals while putting your best pricing forward.


SecureKey is a leading Digital Identity provider that simplifies consumer access to online services and applications.

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