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LifeRaft Navigator

Based out of Nova Scotia, Canada, LifeRaft was incorporated in 2014 with a clear objective to advance corporate security. We deliver solutions to organizations that allow them to respond appropriately to the challenges they face from the global adoption of open source channels.


TrackTik is an operation software dedicated to the security industry, helping them achieve better business performance and mitigate risk.


Auvik offers cloud-based software to automate and facilitate network monitoring and management for IT managed service providers.


Sensibill provides an intuitive platform to manage digital receipts via mobile banking apps. Sensibill allows large banks and financial institutions to reach the largely untapped market of freelancers, together with the digital-savvy entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

Instant Financial

Instant Financial provides an instant pay platform to businesses and their employees, reducing problems of pay frequency. It allows employees to receive a portion of their earned income after every shift and eases the financial constraints on their lives.


Interactive SalesRight Quotes engage and empower prospects to close deals while putting your best pricing forward.

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