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Korbit AI

Korbit AI is building the future of education; powered by machine learning, intelligent tutors which teach students through interactive exercises and conversations.

Magnet Forensics

Develops digital forensics software tools for police, national security and other public and private sector agencies


Delivers network equipment and services, primarily for telecom service providers

Giatec Scientific

Develops mobile-based technology in the construction industry

Landlord Web Solutions

Operates rental housing websites and manages advertising syndication for Canadian property management firms


Builds industrial robots and provides automation process design and project management

Tulip Retail

Tulip Retail provides a suite of digital tools built exclusively for in-store retail.


AlayaCare provides a software platform and hardware ecosystem for home care agencies to deliver telehealth and visiting health solutions.


Sensibill provides an intuitive platform to manage digital receipts via mobile banking apps. Sensibill allows large banks and financial institutions to reach the largely untapped market of freelancers, together with the digital-savvy entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is a company that uses artificial intelligence to build genetic medicines, focusing on the pre-clinical development of oligonucleotide therapies. Its platform is specialized in finding drug candidates to cure certain genetic diseases by predicting molecular phenotypes alterations.


Dialogue is a telemedicine platform enhancing and complementing the Canadian healthcare system. It provides additional communication channels for patients to connect directly with healthcare professionals from a broad range of specialties.

Instant Financial

Instant Financial provides an instant pay platform to businesses and their employees, reducing problems of pay frequency. It allows employees to receive a portion of their earned income after every shift and eases the financial constraints on their lives.

Miovision Technologies

Miovision Technologies develops transportation network technologies to minimize the environmental impact and inefficiencies of transport.

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