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DIACC, the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada, has a mandate to catalyze changes and set the strategic direction for Digital Identification and Authentication for the public and private sectors in Canada.

Wolf Advanced Technology

Designs and manufactures video and AI boards for military and aerospace companies.

Korbit AI

Korbit AI is building the future of education; powered by machine learning, intelligent tutors which teach students through interactive exercises and conversations.


Uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create high-definition vector maps for business and government


Coveo provides Artificial Intelligence-powered search and recommendation engines. It helps organizations deliver personalized experiences through contextually relevant information at every interaction in their customer relations management, customer service applications, intranets, and websites.


Top Hat provides a student engagement and interactive teaching platform. Helping college professors activate classrooms, Top Hat transforms traditional, passive university lectures by making students use their personal devices during class through quizzes, polls, and simulations.

Kira Systems

Kira Systems is a machine learning software system specialized in contract review and analysis.

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics is a company that uses artificial intelligence to build genetic medicines, focusing on the pre-clinical development of oligonucleotide therapies. Its platform is specialized in finding drug candidates to cure certain genetic diseases by predicting molecular phenotypes alterations.

Element AI

Element AI is an Artificial Intelligence company helping organizations become stronger, safer and more agile by developing AI-powered suites of software.


Eventbase delivers mobile apps for enterprise events, conferences and meetings. Recognized for its innovative approach with technologies including chatbots, recommendation engines, and proximity beacons, Eventbase has received multiple awards and become a leader in the field.


Provides open-source software development, IT services and consulting


Airy3D is specialized in 3D rendering through its depth-sensing platform. It provides a suite of passive light-field recovery technologies that can be implemented through any kind of visual sensor ensuring quality 3D rendering without sacrificing battery life or image quality.

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