E-Estonia X-Road : Middleware Platform for a Digital Nation

Estonia has become a worldwide phenomenon, renowned for how they have mastered technology to entirely digitize their public service, achieving the ultimate Digital Government goal of ending bureaucracy and building an end to end digital nation.

Across the world other countries have commented enviously on their success – The New Yorker wrote this excellent, detailed analysis, describing them as the Digital Republic of the future.

E-Estonia is the most ambitious project in technological statecraft today, for it includes all members of the government, and alters citizens’ daily lives. The normal services that government is involved with—legislation, voting, education, justice, health care, banking, taxes, policing, and so on—have been digitally linked across one platform, wiring up the nation.

France24 ran a special feature, and their voting platform is considered a potential solution to the democratic challenges many nations face today.

They are now outperforming other European nations for education including the UK, and their E-Residency program, a flagship example of how technology underpins new economic growth capabilities, has exemplified their openness to other countries generating € millions in direct income.

In short they are a real world testimony to the concept of a digital nation, what benefits it brings and how to achieve it.

X-Road – A National Data Sharing Platform

Central to this success is their ‘X-Road‘ system. As this presentation describes, it is a central component feature that enabled their journey to become a world leading digital state.

This diagram highlights how it acts as a single information sharing platform for inter-connecting all government systems and some commercial ones where appropriate.

Helpful implementation guides include:

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