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Finovate Spring 2019 – Flybits Demo

In this video, Jordanne Pavao and Katrina Shiu from Flybits demonstrate the innovative features of the Flybits platform at the San Francisco Finovate Spring conference.

Flybits recently raised $35m to personalize customer experiences with AI.

At 0:22, they emphasize that personalization is no longer considered to be innovative. Instead it is expected, and competitive differentiation will be achieved through a much deeper personalization that goes far beyond just transactional data or traditional segmentation approaches.

Unification of all sources of data

At 1:08, Jordane describes that Flybits makes possible the unifying of data so that businesses can understand the customer in new and compelling ways.

She further adds that, along with the interpretation of customers, they also concentrate on expediting the process from weeks to months, instead of years. At 2:00, Jordanne shows a simulation of a banking application on the screen, demonstrating it’s integration with the Flybits Experience Studio.

She explains that it is a no-code interface, meaning it makes it easier for non-technical teams to easily own the end-to-end customer experience.

At 2:21 she begins to demonstrate the Flybits Concierge, a simple but powerful widget, a white label turnkey integration that can be injected into the existing mobile channels to enable new innovations to be taken to market quickly.

At 3:18, Ms. Katrina Shiu shows the simulation of the application on the big screen. She points out the financial information includes their account balance and product offers.

At 3:31, she emphasizes that at Flybits it is firmly believed personalization requires going beyond the usual banking touch points, offering examples such as users also being presented with options for accessing educational videos as well as set an appointment to visit a mortgage specialist in the application, in addition to the general mortgage offers themselves.

Micro-personalized recommendations

At 4:29 Katrina proceeds to demo the process of unifying all the different forms of the data about the customer.

She explains that at Flybits, the data sources can be unified whether they are also present in the CRM’s or DMP’s or any third-party data sources. She begins by selecting the frequent traveler segment in the bank and here, instead of a simple customer segment, there is an option to know our customer’s monthly spend which would eventually help in providing them the right credit card option.

At 5:11 she mentions that the app also ensures that the person has the appropriate level of credit score to be presented the right offer and take up the right credit card.  She further adds that it’s even possible to detect and act upon data such as connectivity, location and battery level to know the exact time to market to customers.

At 6:36 Jordane concludes that Flybits would be a great platform to know the way to build high-impact personalization with speed and at scale, and encourages the audience to engage further by scheduling a demo.

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