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How Chatbots Can Contribute In Your Ecommerce Business

Online shopping has changed drastically. t has features you could never have imagined a few years ago and is rapidly advancing towards new things. One of these is chatbots. AI chatbots have completely revolutionized the online shopping game. Chatbots are software applications that converse with the customers online without the need of a human replying to the customer. This can be done via text or speech. Chatbots help make customers feel more comfortable with the shopping experience and increase efficiency. Many e-commerce companies have realized that including chatbots in their web design is a worthwhile investment. Chatbots are a stage on the conversational commerce scale and have evolved from simple human to human on-site chat. Chatbots have grown a lot over the last few years, with the chatbot market predicted to exceed the $3 billion mark by 2021.

Chatbots can be used to improve the experience of our customers in ways including:

  • Greeting them upon entering the site:

Chatbots greeting your customers as they enter your website will provide a pleasant opener. These chatbots contribute a lot to enhancing the customer experience. If the customer has previously given their details, then the chatbot can even greet them by their name and give them relevant products from the site to match their interests. Because of this, the customer will spend more time on your website and enjoy being there. Chatbots may also be used as a tool for first-party data collection from the user as they enter the site. Since the users provide this data themselves, it will be more accurate. Thirdly, chatbots can be used to converse with the customers in their local language based on their location. As a result, they will have a more personalized experience with your website, and again they will feel more comfortable with the website.

  • Encourage your customers to buy:

Many people tend to fill up their carts on online shopping websites, but about three-quarters of online shoppers don’t click on checkout. E-commerce websites may then email or notify these customers that they have left things in their cart. Chatbots can also be used to reduce this occurrence since it is a friendlier way of talking to customers. Chatbots can address this issue directly on the site and ask customers if they need help with anything that is preventing them from making purchases. The chatbot can also nudge them towards buying by offering promo codes or discount codes while they are browsing the website. Because of these features, chatbots are shown to have a five to ten times higher click-through-rate than email marketing.

  • Persuade customers to share their data:

Chatbots can be used to motivate customers to share their contact details and preferences data to provide them a more customized shopping experience for the next time they visit. First-party data given by customers is more accurate and ethical, but it is not easily given out. For that, you need to persuade your customers. Chatbots can be used in several channels to make the most of your marketing tactics. After getting customers’ phone numbers through chatbots, we can then target them through text message marketing and offer coupons, SMS gift cards, and system notifications, etc. While people may not always be comfortable with giving out their numbers to a website, they may be okay with sharing their social media accounts, and those can also be used in the same way.

  • Give a more human touch to your website:

Chatbots may work without human help but they can help in humanizing your website. By giving the chatbot’s personality, we can make them more than just a piece of software. The personality of the chatbot should embody some character traits such as interests, fears, etc. This can help with designing a tone and vocabulary to fit that personality and is what gives that human experience. Chatbots need to be able to make the shopper feel valued and comfortable. They can do this by using lingo that the customer themselves may use or ask the customer about their day.

Chatbots can change the way your customers experience your website, and the good news is that any company offering affordable web design and development services can help you with integrating them on your website. Therefore it is a good idea to include them in your marketing efforts.

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