TechnologyVendor Profile Works with AWS to Modernize Large Companies’ Legacy Tech Stacks

Integrate.AI helps traditional companies compete with the digital disruptors.

As Founder and CEO Steve Irvine explains in the feature video Integrate.AI helps traditional companies compete with the digital disruptors, in sectors like Retail Banking, Telecommunications and Retail.

While these enterprise organizations aspire to be like Netflix not Blockbuster, their journey to get there is quite different from a new startup like Netflix themselves.

Speaking on the AWS Startups channel he explains that these organizations have to build upon a legacy IT infrastructure. overlays a customer intelligence layer that provides them with the same real-time analysis capabilities that the digital disruptors build from scratch.

Their ‘Trusted Signals‘ technology enables predictive intelligence about customer behaviours so their online experience can be fine-tuned and accurately personalized to their preferences, without sharing any personally identifiable data and compromising their privacy.

AWS is a key partner for them to deliver this solution. Services like encryption are essential to achieving the data privacy, and the ability to burst allocate resources like GPUs provides them the elastic scaling fundamental to efficiently growing a dynamic startup.

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