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Canada has set itself an ambition of:

Digitize all public-facing government services so they are accessible by web and mobile phone and available behind a unified login system by 2025.

This ebook explains how, covering:

  • Open Sourcing Best Practices - How pioneering agencies are working openly and sharing their work via open source code and design models.
  • GovCloud Computing - Case studies documenting how Canadian agencies are unleashing digital innovation through migrating to the Cloud.
  • Blockchain Identity - Achieving an entirely integrated digital ecosystem through Blockchain-based 'Self Sovereign Identity' for Verified Credentials.

Detailed case study feature specials are documented to share exemplar blueprints for Canadian Digital Government, such as British Columbia. - Canadian Digital Government best practices. Ebook and regular e-learning webinar schedule. Click to Tweet

There’s An App for That

In his inspiring TEDx talk Scott Brison described how the Canadian government needs to apply the capabilities of the digital native leaders, like Netflix and Amazon, to the principles of Digital Government.

How we create that digital startup mindset in government is the key question he believes will ignite that same transformation.

"We can’t be a Blockbuster government serving a Netflix citizenry."


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Digital Transformation Roadmap

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TRANSFORM Consultants are available to advise and support your Digital Government journey, addressing:

  • Digital Services Canvas- A Business Model Canvas design for developing new digital services that citizens value.
  • Transformation Architecture - Development of a To Be Target Architecture.

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