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Digital Disruptors

Showcasing the CIO’s and innovators leading Canada’s Digital Transformation.

Central to our Digital Nation Action Plan is a process of identifying the practices of the nation’s leading digital innovators and sharing these via exemplar case studies to help grow the overall national capacity for digital leadership.

Digital Leaders


Cloud Native Banking as a Platform

Scotiabank has implemented a global ‘Digital Factory’ and employed Cloud Native practices to pioneer a Platform Banking business model.

Don and Alex Tapscott

Leading Canada's Blockchain Revolution

Don and Alex Tapscott are pioneering Canada’s Blockchain innovations, realizing the nation’s potential to lead the world in this critical field.

Scott Brison

Digital Government - There's an App for That

In his inspiring TEDx talk Scott Brison described how the Canadian government needs to apply the capabilities of the digital native leaders, like Netflix and Amazon, to the principles of Digital Government.

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Building a World-Leading Canadian Digital Nation


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