Self-Sovereign Identity for Canadian Digital Government

Building Canada's Digital Identity Ecosystem

Application Accelerator

An incubation support program to develop SSI-enabled applications for Digital Government.

CDXP Reference model

Technical architecture for integrating with the CDXP - Canadian Digital Exchange Platform.

Growth Plan

Industry collaboration network to grow adoption of applications across Canada and globally.


What is Self-Sovereign Identity?

Solving the identity silo problem begins with a digital identity that you literally own, not just control — a “self-sovereign” identity.

When combined with verifiable claims, it enables any person, organization, or thing to interact directly with any other person, organization or thing, with trust and privacy.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Anchors and Rails of a Digital Nation – Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

SSI will provide the foundation infrastructure for Canada's digital economy.

ACE - Alberta Credential Ecosystem

Alberta has formed a local ecosystem of collaborating organizations sharing SSI credentials for improving their shared workflows.

British Columbia OrgBook

BC has developed a digital marketplace matching organizations applying for permits to those who issue them, verifying the integrity of that process through SSI methods.

CDXP - Canadian Digital Exchange Platform

The Canadian Digital Exchange Platform is being established to help enable government departments to authenticate data with each other and the outside world in a modern, secure, and unified way in an effort to deliver secure private services in a digital age.

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