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Who are Canada’s Digital Dragons?

Our Digital Disruptors series focuses on the CIO's and innovators who are leading Canada's Digital Transformation. With a goal of building a world leading digital...

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Why the Government of Canada should enact ‘Tell Us Once’ legislation

The single most powerful step Canada could take to accelerate and realize their ambition of a world-leading Digital Government would be to enact "Tell...

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British Columbia – Exemplar Blueprint for Canadian Digital Government

BC offers a best practice model for Digital Government: Agile Service Design, Cloud Modernization and Blockchain Identity. Trust and Design: How Digital Can Save the...

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The CDXP – Canada’s Strategy for Government as a Platform

As described in a previous blog the backbone to Estonia's success as the world's leading digital nation has been their 'X-Road' system. Canada has been...

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Drupal: Web CMS for Accessible Canadian Digital Government

As described in our Digital Accessibility best practices feature, the open source web CMS Drupal can play a key role in implementing those practices...

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