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    Views Works with AWS to Modernize Large Companies’ Legacy Tech Stacks

As Founder and CEO Steve Irvine explains in the feature video Integrate.AI helps traditional companies compete with the digital disruptors, in sectors like Retail...

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Firstlight Media’s cloud-native OTT platform to support new streaming venture Struum

TORONTO, Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Firstlight Media today announced that they are collaborating with the television industry's newest OTT service, Struum, to deploy their new cloud-native...

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The Future of Banking is ‘Embedded Banking’

As Vilve Vene, CEO of ModularBank, writes on Linkedin, the Future of Banking is 'Embedded Banking'. Vilve describes the inflection point the industry is going...

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Nova Scotia Startup to Pioneer the Future of Work: “Cluster Employment”

Nova Scotia's 'Ivany Report' detailed a microcosm of the challenges facing Canada as a whole, indeed for many nations around the world. It tells a...

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DigitalCanada.ID – Building the Canadian Digital Identity Metasystem

Alex Benay describes how a national Digital Identity program is a keystone foundation for a Canadian digital economy blueprint, enabling Canada’s trusted digital identity vision. As Neil Parmenter from...

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