Overview of the PCTF​: Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

The primary standards for building Canada's Digital Identity Metasystem is the 'PCTF' - the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework.

The primary standards for building Canada’s Digital Identity Metasystem is the ‘PCTF’.

In the feature video Tim Bouma Senior Policy Analyst Identity Management for the Canadian Government, shares an overview of the PCTF: the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework.

Tim explains that the Canadian Government’s Identity strategy has been under development for over a decade, evolving from a program to a user to now a Self Sovereign view for Digital Identity, and that is an ongoing process of innovation, with key goals of a pan-Canadian, technology-agnostic model.

A key design requirement for their framework is the ability to integrate with numerous existing legacy systems, those that operate via centralize and federated architecture.

The model itself is a combination of agreed concepts, process definitions,  conformance criteria and an assessment framework, to enable acceptance of trusted digital identities, and is accessible as an open source Github repository.

Early adopters include the Canada Revenue Agency and the Provinces of BC and Alberta. These are traditional system integrations but they set the scene for adopting digital wallets and Self Sovereign Identity.


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