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Digital Canada

Planning a Roadmap
to a world-leading Canadian
Digital Government

Canadian Digital Government

Canada has set itself an ambition of:

Digitize all public-facing government services so they are accessible by web and mobile phone and available behind a unified login system by 2025.

Digital Canada 2025

There's an App for That

In his inspiring TEDx talk Scott Brison described how the Canadian government needs to apply the capabilities of the digital native leaders, like Netflix and Amazon, to the principles of Digital Government.

"We can’t be a Blockbuster government serving a Netflix citizenry."

How we create that digital startup mindset in government is the key question he believes will ignite that same transformation.

Our conference will provide a rich compendium of the executive insights, organizational practices and technologies that can realize this vision for Canada.

Conference Tracks

Our sessions are organized into these main tracks.

Digital Transformation

Building a vision, culture and capability for digitally transforming public sector agencies, and the change management practices for realizing successful outcomes.

Agile Service Design

Moving from waterfall approaches for service design to an agile methodology of user-centric, fast feedback and DevOps deployment practices.

Digital Identity

Unifying and integrating digital services through a common, pan Canadian Identity ecosystem, featuring cutting edge innovations like Self Sovereign Identity.

Communications and Collaboration

How agile working practices are supported and enabled through virtual collaboration technologies and flexible employment models, and the key role of open source sharing.

Cloud and Cybersecurity

Case studies documenting how Canadian agencies are unleashing digital innovation through migrating to the Cloud, and the Cybersecurity practices they employ to protect sensitive data.

Emerging Tech

Defining the role and use cases for emergent disruptive technologies such as the Blockchain, Virtual Reality, AI & Machine Learning, explained through exemplar case studies.

Our Speakers

Our keynote presenters and workshop leaders.

Julie Leese

ADM Digital Services & Transformation at Transport Canada

Chief Digital Officer

Teresa D'Andrea

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Director GC Digital Exchange

Speaker Name

Treasury Board Secretariat

Senior Policy Analyst Identity Management

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Canada – A Nation of Digital Identity

DIACC describes a compelling argument for accelerating the development and adoption of a Canadian digital identity system.

Canadian GovCloud Computing – Igniting Innovation in the Public Sector

Canadian GovCloud Computing – Igniting Innovation in the Public Sector

Harnessing the Cloud will enable the Canadian Government to more rapidly develop and deploy new digital services that serve Canadians in new, faster and more efficient ways.

Anchors and Rails of a Digital Nation – Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

Anchors and Rails of a Digital Nation – Forging Self Sovereign Identity in the Age of the Blockchain

Canada can lead the world in the emergent field of Blockchain-based ‘Self Sovereign Identity’.